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(Full Time) (Tampa,FL) Education Pastor

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  Tampa Korean Methodist Church in Tampa was founded in 1973 and now has around 250 attendants. We are looking for a full-time Education pastor who has a passion to make disciples of Jesus Christ. We have 20+ youth students and 30+ elementary/ kindergarten students.
(Homepage: www.tkumc.org)

Lead and work with the team of Youth, Elementary/ Kindergarten teachers toward our goal of making each student a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Lead the Youth and Elementary students Sunday service and deliver sermons.
Select Bible study material for Youth and Elementary/ Kindergarten groups; provide a teaching guideline and training to the teachers.
Plan and lead all Youth and Elementary/ Kindergarten activities and programs (i.e. Vacation Bible School, Youth Revival, etc.) and coordinate with teachers and PTA.
Coordinate and lead weekly gatherings: “TGIF” for youth and Awana night for Sunday School.
Provide pastoral care and service, including but not limited to youth and elementary students/families. (ie. including the Korean Ministry, as needed)

Called by God for pastoral ministry
Have a humble and teachable spirit
Have worked for at least one year in Youth and/or Children’s ministry
A degree from an accredited seminary preferred
Demonstrates sensitivity and an ability to work in a multicultural environment. (Sermons will be delivered in English, however, some coordination with teachers and parents will be required in Korean. Therefore, being fluent in English is a requirement, and being bi-lingual in English/Korean is preferred.)
Demonstrates an ability to work with a team and to work under a Senior Pastor

Salary: 45-55K, commensurate with experience and education
Benefits: health insurance and pension.

Candidate should submit his or her
Personal statement (1-2 pages)
1 letter of recommendation
Proof of graduation or school registration
Sermon video or website link
to this email address: tkumcemail@gmail.com  Also, any questions can be submitted by email and all replies will be answered by email.
Deadline: August 31, 2023


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