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Seeking a Pastor for English speaking Congregation

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**Choongsyn Korean Church English Congregation (뉴욕충신교회 영어회중)

뉴욕충신교회에서 영어회중을 담당하실 사역자를 찾습니다. 풀타임 사역 또는 파트타임으로 사역하실 수도 있습니다. 아래 내용을 참고해 주시기 바랍니다.
Choongsyn Korean Church is looking for a pastor for our English speaking congregation. This position is a full-time position but a part-time option is also possible.

Choongsyn Korean Church is a congregation of Korean immigrant adults and 2nd generations.  We are located in Flushing, NY and are a member of the RCA denomination. 
We are looking for a full-time pastor(or Part time) to oversee our 2nd generation young adult group (young professionals & college group).
Our English-speaking congregation is comprised of 25-30 members.

• Leading and preaching for English Congregation's Sunday worship and ministries
(Weekly meetings, leading leader's bible study, serving spiritual needs of a diverse congregation, including college students, young professionals, parents & families. Planning and executing annual special programs such as retreats, and missions) 
• Create environments, activities and programs for learning and encourage spiritual growth.

• Pastor who has Christ-centered Heart for the Gospel.
• Pastor who is graduated from an accredited Seminary (Prefer Reformed Theology)
• Faithful, accountable and teachable
• Good relational skills and capacity to work with career group and students

Application Required Documents
• Resume
• Personal testimony and Ministry Vision
• Sermon link

How to Apply & Questions.
• E-mail:

Address: 153-11 Barclay Ave. Flushing, NY 11355


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