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Seeking a EM Lead Pastor(Full Time) / 뉴욕제일장로교회

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뉴욕제일장로교회2017-11-03 14:47


Description (청빙 분야)
The Korean First Presbyterian Church in New York is a KAPC church located in Woodside, NY. Currently, our EM congregation (EM Congregation church is called New Life Church of Woodside) consists of a College ministry, a Post-College Singles ministry, and a Family ministry. As such, ages vary from 18 to mid 50s. We are primarily English-speaking Korean Americans, with other ethnic members as well. We are currently seeking a new NLCW Lead Pastor.
뉴욕제일장로교회는 뉴욕 우드사이드에 위치한 교회로써 영어회중(New Life Church of Woodside, 대학부, 싱글, 가정)을 이끌어 갈수 있는 영어회중 담당목사를 청빙합니다.  영어회중 연령층은 18세부터 50세까지 이루어져 있습니다.
Job Description (사역분야)
The NLCW Lead Pastor oversees the entire English Ministry. The EM Lead pastor primarily works alongside key lay-leaders to make decisions concerning EM ministries. Furthermore, the EM Lead Pastor works in partnership with the Church Session, KM pastors, and Education pastors, in a ministry model where KM, EM, and the Christian Education departments work together. Moreover, although the Lead Pastor will be responsible for the care of all EM members, he will primarily focus on the care of our Family Ministry (i.e., married couples and parents). The expected duties of the EM Lead Pastor are as follows:
  * 영어회중 담당목사는 영어권 전체 사역을 총괄
  * 영어권 /한어권/교회학교 사역자들과 함께 협력사역
  * 목양
Summary of Duties:
  * Preaching on Sundays (주일 설교)
  * Pastoral care (including counseling, mentoring, visitations, etc.)  목양 (카운설링, 멘토링, 심방)
  * Developing and leading weekly and seasonal programs including: discipleship training, summer missions, winter & summer retreats, leadership seminars, etc.
    (훈련계발 (제자훈련, 여름단기선교, 동계&하계수련회, 지도자 세마나 등등)
Required Qualifications: (자격
  * Ordained in the KAPC or willingness to transfer into this denomination (본교단 KAPC에서 안수를 받았거나, KAPC 교단으로 가입하실 마음이 있으신 분)
  * A Master of Divinity degree (M.Div or higher) from an accredited theological seminary (정규신학교를 졸업하신 분)
  * Must hold to Reformed Theology as outlined especially in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms (웨스트민스터 신앙과 고백을 기준으로 개혁신학을 믿으시는 분)
  * A vision for multi-ethnic English ministry in an immigrant church (Korean) (다민족목회에 비전이 있으신 분)
Position Type:
Salary (사례비):
Negotiable based on qualifications and experience. (사례비는 경력과 경험에 따라서 조절할 수 있습니다.)
Benefits (혜택):
  * Health Insurance (건강보험)
  * Parsonage (including all utilities) (사택제공, 유틸리티 포함)
  * Retirement pension (은퇴연금)
  * Vacation Pay (휴가비)
Application instructions:
Please submit a résumé, statement of faith and/or personal testimony, a recent sermon video clip or web link, and ministry references, and Family Photo(if you are married):
Please e-mail Associate Pastor Jeongeun Park (박정은 목사):
  * Church Address: 37-60 61 Street Woodside, NY 11377
  * Church Phone #: 718-899-3120  Cell Phone #: 646-662-8177
  * Website: (KM) & (EM)


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