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NDC is looking for a Part-Time Youth Pastor!

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New Days Chu…2020-08-31 15:09


New Days Church(Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church), located in Duluth, GA, is seeking for a part-time youth pastor.

Our youth group is composed of 20 middle and high schoolers.
We hope to have a pastor with kind and loving heart in Christ and also a clear vision for our children.

Position: Youth Ministry Pastor


a. Currently enrolled in, or graduated from, an accredited seminary
b. Ability to lead a youth group in both on-line and in-person
c. Positive attitude toward and understanding of needs and struggles of youth in God
d. This is a Korean-American church, therefore, respectful mind toward different cultures and languages.


a. Resume
b. Statement of faith
c. Personal statement

Compensation: $1,000-1,500

Email: newdayschurch@yahoo.com (Senior Pastor Ryu)
Webpage: https://www.newdayschurch.org


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