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Seeking a “Sr. High” Pastor (뉴저지장로교회 고등부 사역자 청빙)

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뉴저지장로교회2017-05-16 18:32


Presbyterian Church of New Jersey is actively seeking a Full-time (or Half-time) Sr. High pastor who possesses maturity in faith, commitment in Christ, and gifted in leadership. Our Sr. High Ministry is an active ministry that consists of grades 9th to 12th (55 +).
Church Information
Presbyterian Church of New Jersey (
222 Ramapo Valley Rd Oakland NJ 07436
Position Type
Full-time  or Half-time
Commensurate with experience and qualification
Preaching/Leading the Word of God each Sunday
Leading the Friday meeting
Providing spiritual leadership and pastoral counseling to students and teachers
Planning execute, and evaluate ministry events/programs throughout the year
Contacting teachers, parents, and students
Mentoring and Providing rides for students 
Leading teachers’ meeting every Sunday morning
Attending staff and committee meetings
Spiritual Leadership/Commitment for Sr. High
Preaching/Communicating in fluent English
Graduate or current student of accredited seminary
Experience in Sr. High ministry
Application (as soon as possible)
Resume (with photo),  Vision sharing & Personal statement of faith
Contact ASAP (Due by June 24, 2017)
Phone: 201-783-7441 (Rev. Hwang)


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