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[CA] Full-time EM pastor

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San Diego2019-02-07 19:36


Korean Hope Church of San Diego (KAPC), we are currently looking for a full time EM pastor who has passion on youth and young adults.   

- EM Pastor (Full Time)

Required Qualities
- Ordained / Graduate of ATS accredited seminary with M.Div
- Previous ministry experience, preferably in EM ministry context
- Legal to work in the U.S. (U.S. citizen or permanent resident in good standing)
- Fluent in English 

- Shepherding and leading of Hope EM ministry.  
- Provide all ministry areas including preaching sermons for EM youth, young adults Sunday worship, Friday Bible study, counseling, evangelism, outreach, missions, small groups, and retreats.
- But not limited to the above, while the candidate will be able to work closely with KM pastoral staff to develop strategic plans in pursuit of our vision.
Compensation / Salary
-  Commensurate with experience

How to Apply:
For consideration, please submit the following to sdsomang@hotmail.com by Feb. 25 2019

- Resume with family picture (include 2 references for the past five years) 
- Statement of Faith
- 2 recent sermon video or audio files
- Copy of M.Div. degree (Certification of ordination)

Rev. Joseph Kang (강민석 목사) 
Email: sdsomang@hotmail.com
Phone: 858-292-0999 (Church) / 646-299-2192 (Cell Phone)

Church Information
Korean Hope Church of San Diego (샌디에고 소망교회)

Documents will not be returned. If you have further questions, please contact Pastor Joseph Kang.


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